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These are a few of the men and women that went to work in Michigan and were fatally injured never going home to their families at the end of their shift. We remember, honor and recognize these men and women for their dedication and hardwork. We would like to sincerely thank the families that shared their loved one's picture and their tragic loss with USMWF.


peopleSherman Lynn Holmes, 55

Sherman was killed in February 2011 while working at K&K Forest Products in Evart, Michigan. He was killed when struck by a felled tree.

MIOSH investigated the incident and assessed a $1,525.00 penalty and 3 serious violations.
There were no reductions.

Inspection: 312076441 - K & K Forest Prod Llc.

This photo was sent in by his daughters Danielle Dole and Nicole Boone. ----"Our dad was a many of few words but when he did speak those who were around him listened because they knew it was important. As his daughters we feel his biggest pride was his grandchildren. He promised them he would teach them to hunt and fish when they were older and sadly he never had the chance. Our dad was with us when and where ever we needed him. He traveled hours for his first grandchild Leslies open-heart surgery and as she passed he was with his family. He made the trip to Ohio when his next two granddaughters Lauryn and Kynndal were born, and to Alexandria Virginia when his first Grandson Jackson was born. He also made the trip when Granddaughter Gabriela was born and was the first one to the hospital when she had her first open-heart surgery. Danielle was still pregnant with the youngest granddaughter Jillian, when dad was killed. ----If asked to describe one of our fathers greatest joys (besides family) we all agree coffee and a doughnut would be a top priority. Our lives will never be the same and we miss him everyday."

~ 4/6/1955 - 2/1/2011 ~

peopleWilliam Knorr, 32

William was killed in June 2004 while working at Grand Tower in St. Ignace Township, Michigan. He died from a fall from a cell tower.

OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $98,000.00 penalty for four serious violations and one willful violation. In an informal settlement they were reduced to $20,500.00 for two serious violations and three other violations. This case is still opened.

Inspection: 307697490 - Grant Tower Inc. Michigan.

This photo was sent in by his widow Amie Knorr.

----To view full memorial click here.

~ 11/10/1971 - 6/26/2004 ~

peopleTommy Osier, 18

Tommy was killed while working for Pine Groves Farm in Michigan. He was killed when he was engulfed in grain.

MIOSHA investigated the incident and assessed a $7,00.00 penalty and one serious violation. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced $3,500.00.

Inspection: 312058506 - Pine Grove Farm.

This photo was sent in by his mother Linda Osier. ----Today is the 3rd month without my “baby” boy. Tommy was entrapped in an old corn silo that a farmer had insisted in using for three years without a bottom feed unloader. Young men were required to climb in and shovel the corn down to an external auger to feed cattle. The “boys” 16-25 yrs. olds, took turns climbing in for 5-10 min at a time switching out when the gasses were to strong. Tommy had milked that morning leaving home at 3 am, since it was Memorial Day The farmer wasn’t going to work and Tommy’s replacement was a no-show. Tommy was told “stay and keep your job – Leave and don’t come back.” We had family birthday plans with Tommy since he had just turned 18, 14 days earlier. He was trying to get out as quickly as he could. The corn had created a cave, he hit the corn with the shovel and it came down on him funneling him to the bottom outlet 15 feet below, folding his body in half at the waist, entrapping his lifeless body in the small opening. I am convinced that the Lord swiftly released him from his earthly form. It took rescuers 5 hours to recover his body from the silo.

~ 05/16/1993 – 05/30/2011~

peopleRussel James Scharenbroch, 34

Russel was killed in June 2014 while working at Grand Rapids Plastics, Inc in Morley, Michigan. He died cleaning an injection molding machine when he got caught inside and was killed.

MIOSHA OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $220,000.00 penalty for and two serious and three willful violations. The company is contesting the violations.

Inspection: 312031032.

This photo was sent in by his widow Angel to see more about Angel.

~ 6/27/2014 ~

peopleChelsea Ann Small, 30

Chelsea was killed on the job in November 2013 while working for Advance America Cash Advance in Taylor, Michigan. She was shot after hitting a silent alarm.

 This is not in OSHA's jurisdiction. This photo was sent in by her mother Debi Kamin.

---- This is my beautiful daughter Chelsea Ann Small. She was working for Advance America Cash Advance. On November 12 around noon she buzzed in an older man who announced a robbery. She hit the silent alarm and he proceeded to shoot her in the head and killing her immediately. She was working alone. He is still on the loose. My beautiful daughter had just turned 30 in august. She was a fabulous single Mother of Josalynn 8 & Logan who had just celebrated his 5th birthday four days prior. She was also a full time student with a gpa of 3.899. My daughter loved family and wanted to be able to provide better for her children so she carried a full load. I am so very proud of the beautiful woman she had become.

~ 8/9/1983 - 11/12/2013 ~