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These are a few of the men and women that went to work in North Dakota and were fatally injured never going home to their families at the end of their shift. We remember, honor and recognize these men and women for their dedication and hardwork. We would like to sincerely thank the families that shared their loved one's picture and their tragic loss with USMWF.  

peopleCorneilius Johannes Du Plessis, 27

Corneilius was killed on the job in June 2014 while working for Doepke Farm in Washburn, North Dakota. He was killed when he was engulfed in grain.

This case is not in OSHA's jurisdiction.

This photo was sent in by his mother Elphia Botha-du Plessis.


~ 6/16/2014 ~

peopleDarrel Richard Hovde, 38

Darrel was killed on the job in July 20, 2008 while working for Allstate Tower Service in Petersburg, North Dakota. He fell 50 feet while painting a tower.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $ 9,000.00 penalty for six serious violations. The fines were paid and the case is closed.

Inspection: 312320658 - Allstate Tower Service.

This photo was sent in by his parents Darrel & Judy Hovde.

~ 3/17/1970 - 7/20/2008 ~

peopleZachary “Zach” Aaron Roberts, 25

Zach was killed on the job in July 2013 while working for Monarch Towers, Inc in Bismarck, North Dakota. He died when he fell 250 ft from a cell tower. Namon Smith, 42 fell onto Zach and both perished in the fall. Monarch Towers in Bismarck, North Dakota was subcontracting for Basin Electric Power Cooperative and the tower is owned by Mountrail Williams Electric Cooperative.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $14,000.00 penalty for 2 serious violations. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $5,600.00 for 1 serious violation. This case is closed.

Inspection: 919441.015 - Monarch Tower, Inc.

This photo was sent in by Linda Mccardle

---- Zach was the baby of 4 kids. He was a father to 3 girls and a son. He was also a husband. Zach has always been a comedian and had a beautiful smile. That smile always was present when working or talking about towers. He has worked in the tower industry for 7 years, a good bit with my husband Matthew, whom Zach considered his father.

~ 6/4/88 - 7/8/13~

peopleTrevor James Skarphol, 30

Trevor was killed on the job in November 2012 while working for Scott's Electric, Inc. in West Fargo, North Dakota. Trevor was crushed when a steel beam fell 28 feet crushing him.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed no penalties or violations. The case is closed.

Inspection: 446957.015 - Scott's Electric, Inc.

This photo sent in by his widow Angie

----Trevor James Skarphol was born on June 30 1981 and passed away on May 25 2012 when a 28ft steel beam fell on top of him while he was on the construction site for an addition on to a high school. He was a journeyman electrician employed by Scott's Electric.

~ 6/30/1981 - 5/25/2012 ~