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These are a few of the men and women that went to work in Virginia and were fatally injured never going home to their families at the end of their shift. We remember, honor and recognize these men and women for their dedication and hardwork. We would like to sincerely thank the families that shared their loved one's picture and their tragic loss with USMWF.


peoplePaula Bellamy, 38

Paula was killed on the job in March 2011 while working for Ceres Terminals Incorporated at APM Terminals Virginia in Portsmouth, Virginia. Paula was killed when she was struck by a fork truck.

VOSH investigated the incident and proposed a $13,200.00 penalty for two serious violations. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $4,200.00 for one serious violation. This inspection is closed.

Inspection: 309735447 - Ceres Marine Terminal Inc.

This photo was sent in by her daughter Prencess Bellamy.

~ 1973 - 3/28/2011 ~

peopleRobert Dameron, 44

Robert was killed on the job in November 2016 while working for Georgia Pacific in Big Island, VA. He was killed after he fell into an unguarded broke hole above the pulper tub and drowned.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $84,000 penalty for two serious and one willfull violations.  This inspection is still open.
Inspection: 1193325.015 - Georgia Pacific

This photo was sent in by his wife, Stephanie Dameron.

~ 12/24/1971 - 11/23/2016 ~


peopleEric Gohagan, 44

Eric was killed in December 2017 while working for Pipeline Systems, Inc. in Valley Grove , West Virginia. He died when an excavator slid on ice and hit him.

Federal OSHA currently has no information about this case.

This photo was sent in by his widow Teresa Gohagan.



~ 6/14/1973 – 12/28/2017 ~


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