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Debi Koehler-Fergen, Outreach Coordinator

As a Worker Safety Advocate, Deb has a strong desire to further the cause of bringing awareness to the issue of worker safety as well as work with Congress to promote and help gain support for legislation that will create better laws to protect workers across the country.

Debi resides in Las Vegas, NV and got involved with USMWF after her 26-year-old son, Travis Koehler, was killed at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, NV February 2, 2007 when he was directed to help a co-worker who fell back into a manhole he was trying to climb out of. She feels she has brought a measure of justice to her son Travis for exposing the corruption in his case and wants to help other families from having to go through what she and so many others have had to endure by continuing to work with USMWF.

Debi has testified before the Nevada Senate on workplace safety issues and participated in a series of Nevada Legislative Commission Sub Committee meetings regarding the Federal Review Report on NV OSHA and has three of her recommendations included in bill drafts to be considered before the 2011 Nevada Legislature. She is a guest speaker to IBEW Apprentices at the beginning of their Confined Spaces training classes talking from the family perspective.