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Jonathan Karmel In "Dying to Work", raises our awareness of unsafe working conditions with accounts of workers who were needlessly injured or killed on the job. Based on heart-wrenching interviews Karmel conducted with injured workers and surviving family members across the country, the stories in this book are introduced in a way that helps place them in a historical and political context and represent a wide survey of the American workplace, including, among others, warehouse workers, grocery store clerks, hotel housekeepers, and river dredgers.

Dr. Aphrodite Matsakis “I Can't Get Over It!” – A Handbook for Trauma Survivors and "Survivor Guilt" A Self-Help Guideare just a few of her great books.

Patrice Woepplel, EhD The stories in Depraved Indifference: the Workers’ Compensation System are the stories of ordinary people. Discarded and forgotten by their employers, denied medical coverage by the workers’ compensation insurers; many have been left to die, slowly and agonizingly, unnoticed by all but the ones who really care - their grieving families.