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In Loving Memory Of Robert (Bob) Shonkwiler

I am so fortunate to have been his wife, best friend, and lover for such a long time. We had a different relationship than I had ever known before. Having finally found each other, we were never apart if we could help it. Together we made our dreams come true. Believe me, I feel like I could write pages about Bob and I hope someday a better writer than I does, he deserves every honor that can be bestowed. His humor was so great, the pranks, the jokes, all the times he tricked me into doing crazy things and he would laugh with his whole body. It was a wonderful thing for those around to experience. I loved to look at his face so I could study the expression of wonderment each time he looked at every new sunset. We tried never miss one.

Bob loved his family, watching everyone become fully functioning adults. The grandchildren were the joy we all wait for. When he discovered that Samuel (his first grandson) loved horses, and wanted to be a bull rider like his Grandpa, the look on his face will never be forgotten. Devotion to his wife and family was unparalleled. This man was absolutely brilliant, his knowledge was in no way limited to Hoosier Energy and horses. Bob was a storehouse of knowledge on almost any subject. His sense of justice and fairness was beyond reproach. He did not have time for untruthfulness or trivial nonsense and he clearly let you know so you didn't make the same mistake twice.

Bob was the strongest man I have ever known, a gentle giant. Physical strength and strength in character...he was my mentor. Kind heart, soft touch, and a fast horse who could ask for anything more. We could all learn from the way he lived his life and I thank God for all the time we had together. I had a husband that I just could not stop kissing. I sadly miss him more ever day. Rest well and wait for me.