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Important Dates


1 Family Conference Calls

Are you interested in joining our monthly family conference calls?  A time to meet with others that have a true understanding of what you are and have gone through after having endured your loss as we have all been there.

Please contact us at for more information regarding our upcoming conference call.


2 Events

USMWF Trip Scholarship Form USMWF gives a limited number of scholarships out for trips we arrange.   These usually includes one ore more of these item speaking to our representatives, OSHA, Unions, to attend hearings, event, training and much more.  All you need to is fill out the form and send it to Tammy.

When an event comes up that you fit into we will contact you.  This document will also be used for press releases.  Please rename the form with your name and state before sending.  Can't wait to see you there!


3 Fundraisers

LOCATION: Lincoln, Nebraska
         WHEN:  August 10, 2019
We invite you to join a great cause as NECA/IBEW Local 265 is so kind to give their proceeds to USMWF's Nebraska Workers' Memorial Monument funds from their 8th Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  Anyone is welcome to create a team, so make sure you register by July 31, 2019 as you don't want to miss out on this fun event. Email us at for more information.