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In Loving Memory Of Gail Sandidge, 57

Gail Sandidge felt called to be a nurse at a young age. When Gail was a young child, her baby brother suffered a deadly infection. As she worried about her brother, the nurses at the hospital provided him with excellent care and gave her comfort as well. She sought to do the same throughout her 28 year nursing career, and she is remembered by former patients and collies as a gifted healer and loving nurturer.

The words “care” and “comfort” summarized her life both in the hospital and during her free time.

She was always willing to help family, friends, and co-workers in need, donating her time and resources to help others. In the tradition of Southern hospitality, Gail often brought meals to those who were recovering from a illness or celebrating the birth of a new child. On Sundays Gail directed her love of children to teaching Sunday School to toddlers at her church. On weekdays she enjoyed practicing Pilates and teaching upcoming nurses in ACLS classes. She was devoted to her family, taking diligent care of her husband, children, and grandchildren. She remembered fondly and greatly missed.