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Message to the Bereaved:

USMWF is a support group made up of empathetic families who have been there and understand the emotions and questions you may have regarding the loss of your family member. We know and understand the devastation which takes place in the mind, body and soul and we strive to help you and others from having to go through both the grieving process
and investigative process alone. Tammy Miser

Often people feel no one can relate to the tragedy of a workplace death and what you have been through. The grief and feelings of loneliness can be overwhelming.

It is important that you know you are not alone.

You are approximately one family out of 12-16 families a day in the United States that found out your loved one was fatality injured in a preventable work-related incident.

There is nothing anyone can say or do to ease the pain of your loss. The trauma involved is beyond the “normal” grieving process.

When a workplace tragedy occurs, there is a terrible sense of injustice, bewilderment, disbelief, sometimes anger – all combined with feelings of horror, loss and pain. This is a confusing and causes conflicting arrays of emotions all while trying to “come to terms with” the fact a tragedy happened.

It is important for you to know your loved one is not forgotten – he/she is in the hearts and minds of many.

































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Please share your loved one's favorite recipe and memory with others and help another family member's heart to mend.

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Follow our weekly toll of names and articles of others that have been lost in preventable work related incident across the United States.


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Testimonies, awareness, family accounts and family pleas.

Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day clips, remembrances and PSAs.


A Mother's Gift

Teresa Volquardsen lost her daughter, Raven Cole suddenly in October 2009 while working for Werner Construction in Neligh, Nebraska. She was killed when she was pulled into an auger.


Teresa sobbed, "You have no idea how it feels to know I could not give my little girl her last gift. I still can’t afford a head stone for my baby. I can’t go out and visit the grave because nothing is there.”




Because of Norfolk Memorial and the donations of many and we were able to present Teresa with a "Mother's Gift".









































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USMWF is always looking for Volunteers to help us gain awareness about workplace fatalities and injuries and offering support to family members across the United States.


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Workers' Memorial Day

Find out what everyone is doing across the United States to honor the men and women that have been injured or killed due to preventable work related incident.



Family Resources



Getting Information

EPA, Hospice, MSHA, OSHA, sample documents, Wage & Hour and workers compensation.

Family Bill of Rights

Proposed regulations and policies that should be the fundamental rights of workplace victims and their families. Sharing true stories of victims and their families to illustrate the importance of each of the proposed changes.

Other Resources

Attorneys, reading, scholarships, and public statements.

Public Statements

I guide to making public statements when in litigation.


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Safety Library


John Newquist

Retired OSHA Assistant Regional Administrator, proud member of the US Navy Atlantic Intelligence Command with an Honorable Discharge and activist provides us once a month with a safety


This months power point presentation PDF Construction PDF General industry

Past power point presentations. 

Grain Mill Accidents

Tonya Ford began tracking grain mill incidents after loosing her Uncle Bobby (Robert Fitch).  It is a great resource for training and awareness.

Historic Films And Clips

Mark Catlin featuring films and film clips from the rich history of workplace and environmental health and safety.

Worker Watch

NEW!!! Global Worker Fatalities and Catastrophes.

Safety Resources

Blogs, Books, Cosh Groups, Radio, TV, Video, News, Magazines, Sites, Tools, and training.






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Tom Hardin

(Tom Hardin, President NASP)


"I can never say enough about how wonderful this organization is and how much I admire Tammy and her staff for this deeply meaningful service. On behalf of the National Association of Safety Professionals and its thousands of members I salute the USMWF.. "





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The primary mission of the National Association of Safety Professionals is to provide safety professionals with innovative training opportunities and certification to assist them in carrying out their safety related functions with confidence while assuring a high level of competence.