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In Loving Memory of Jay Summers, 53

My name is Dawn summers. My husband was ran over by his own supervisor on July 19th, 2013. My sister-in-law called me at work with the news but didn’t know how he was. I had to call the office to find out if it was the truth. The owner didn’t call me and he knows me and where I work. My husband lost his life that day and so did we!

They told me he would automatically have to have an autopsy, we had no choice. The autopsy reviled he was healthy and a well nutritional man. He is not so healthy now. We have four children, two grandchildren, well we did. I am left with four houses and a huge mortgage payment on my own. I work as a server making $4.00 dollars an hr.

Now the lawyer says I need a third party to sue. If I were over the legal alcohol limit and killed someone they would not need a third party. I don’t even know what a third party is, it is just an excuse for the company to get away with murder. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that one out.

It is just a full blown excuse and if they can figure that one out??? They get to go home every night to their families, eat, laugh, sleep, and share and create memories. The owner of the company and the man who killed my husband has this luxury. Not in my home any more, I sleep with a dog when I can. I had to set my husband in a dirt mound. He is so loved and missed.

I can’t believe the company has no repercussions for anything, the hell with safety, they passed by OSHA and go back to their old ways.

What rights do we have? I feel violated, I feel stripped and raped of all my rights. Where is justice, I feel people in prison have more rights. Even they have their day in court, where is my day?

I have to go through this tragedy and have no chose or avenue. The supervisor still killed my husband where the safety is and what happed to looking out for your partner? These laws need to be changed NOW.

The company should be required to carry a million dollar policy on their workers if you can’t sue over negligence or safety violations. So at the very least our children can go to college, my $4.00 an hr job will not even sent her to Ivy Tech.

You, congress need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would your mother be proud of you for letting this ridiculous third party law? A flying - No, she would not! Right is right and wrong is wrong. You have to be responsible for your actions no matter who you are.

For the media, I will not stop! Not until I find justice, I promise you that. All your politics is not for the American people anymore. It is way out of hand. I really hope this never happens to another family member or to one of yours.